High performance
Face&Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

ViRDI AC-7000 is the latest access controller with
fake finger detection and a tilt camera which automatically detects
a face within 3m. Its 5" touch LCD and familiar UI such as
Android smartphone Apps greatly enhance user convenience.

ViRDI AC-7000
Absolute Time
ViRDI AC-7000
ViRDI AC-7000 ViRDI AC-7000 ViRDI AC-7000
Auto height angle adjustment

A tilt camera offers auto face detection. No need to
lower posture or bend the knees

ViRDI AC-7000
ViRDI AC-7000
Face detection in the dark

IR LED Camera offers user convenience as it detects
face even in the dark without any trouble.

Simultaneous double
authentication by Dual CPU

Dual CPU provides fast simultaneous
face & fingerprint double authentication

ViRDI AC-7000
VoIP support

VoIP with improved sound quality is provided.

ViRDI AC-7000
Main RF Option 125KHz EM & 13. 56MHz Smart Card / Desfire / Felica / HID Prox(optional) / HID iClass(optional)
Capacity Max. User (1:1) Finger 250,000 /
Face 10,000
Max. User (1:N) Finger 25,000 /
Face 2,000
Max. Text Log 10,000,000
Max. Image Log 20,000
Interface Communication TCP/IP, Wiegand, RS485, RS232, Wi-Fi (Optional)
Hardware CPU 1 GHz Quad Core (Dual)
Memory 4GB NAND + 8GB microSD
LCD 5” Color Touch LCD
Power Consumption 12V, Max 900mA (10. 8W)
Dimension 149. 5 x 208. 5 x 46 mm
Certificates KC, CE, FCC, RoHS
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