Suprema BioStaton is a full-featured high-end fingerprint terminal that combines the advantages
of a TCP/IP network with Suprema's renowned
biometic technology to provide the optimal solution
for both access control and time attendance. 

BioStation comes with a massive 1GB memory 
that provides the storage of up to 200,000 users
and a staggering 1 million event logs. Its powerful
processing engine and algorithm provide uncompromising high-level biometric security
with flexibility and ease of use.

Absolute Time
Experience cutting-edge technology,
ultra high-performance and convenient feature

Technology applied in consideration of user convenience include the world's first 2.5-inch LCD screen and
16-bit high-quality sound, as well as the world-best fingerprint recognition speed based on dual CPUs and the largest storage capacity. BioStation also supports Wi-Fi wireless LAN, various sensors and RF cards, featuring all cutting-edge technologies.

Full-Featured Biometric Solution

BioStation features full navigation keys with number keypad that allow it to be more than just an access control device, but serve as a full-featured biometric solution for time management duties.

USB Connection

Easy Data Transfer

Main Biometric Fingerprint
IP Rating -
RF Option
BSR-OC Proximity (125 KHz EM, HID Prox)
BSM-OC Mifare (13.56MHz)
Multi-Controller -
Capacity Max. User (1:1) 200,000
Max. User (1:N) 10,000
Max. Template (1:1) 400,000
*two templates per finger
Max. Template (1:N) 20,000
*two templates per finger
Max. Text Log 1,000,000
Max. Image Log -
Interface WiFi Optional
RS-485 1ch Host or 1ch Slave
RS-232 Yes
Wiegand 1ch In
1ch Out
Input 2 Inputs
Relay 1 Relay
USB USB Host and Slave
SD Card Slot -
Hardware CPU 200MHz RiSC + 533 MHz DSP
Memory 34MB RAM + 1GB flash
LCD 2.5" QVGA 16M Color LCD
LED Indicator Blue
Sound 16bit Hi-Fi
Operating Temp. -20° to 50°C
Tamper Yes
Power 12VDC
PoE -
Dimension 135 x 128 x 50 (WxHxD mm)
Certificates CE, FCC, MSIP (KCC), RoHS, REACH, WEE
Compatibility BioStar 1.x Yes
BioStar 2 -
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