About ViRDI

Union Community Co. Ltd is a total biometric solution provider with its core technologies evolved from fingerprint recognition.
Union Community Co. Ltd has set benchmarks for a user friendly security products including biometric access control systems,
time & attendance solutions, fingerprint scanners and modules.

Union Community Co. Ltd is exporting their brand, ViRDI to more than 120 countries in worldwide
and consistently innovating new biometric solutions for user convenience.

Brand ViRDI

ViRDI is the world best brand in biometrics for greater safety and convenience.
The ViRDI series started in 2000 and has become the most popular brand in face and fingerprint recognition products.
ViRDI is pursuing for the paradigm in biometric industry with its market proven expertise and core technology.


Make Life better by Innovating Biometric Solutions for our Customers!

Advanced Technology Provider

Provide Enhanced Biometric Technology

Professional Consultant

Provide the Best Biometrics Solution for
Convenience and Security

Innovative Creator

Create new paradigm constantly for future

Customer-Focused Global Talent Ownership
Satisfy and Impress Customers through
insightful understanding of their needs
Nature all employees into globally
competitive talents with open mind
Take a Responsibility at work for growth
Passion Challenge Communication Innovation
Power to fulfillthe goal by
overcoming obstacles
Take the initiative and
proactive attitude by
exploring new business
Respect for diversity and
Achieve synergy by
making a superb
teamwork through active
Creative thinking based
on professional mind to
create new values
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